HAPPY NEW YEAR, #FUCKERS! Krystyna found some zen, Corinne found a sport she's actually good at, and, if you're a female comedian, you'll find out open mics feature a lot of men making rape jokes. On today's episode of #GuysWeFucked, comedian/producer/writer CALISE HAWKINS sits down with the gals of Sorry About Last Night to overshare -- her specialty! From her days as a Pound Puppy toting bully's dream to her transformation into an attractive mom ready to learn from millennials and forget her ex ever existed, Calise is constantly playing with identity. PLUS: TIPS FOR FUTURE CAM GIRLS & SUGAR BABIES FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN CAM GIRLS OR SUGAR BABIES! SAY THANK YOU TO HILLARY CLINTON: Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Clinton Foundation 1271 Sixth Avenue - 42nd Floor New York, NY 10020 Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to Howl using this link ---> howl.fm/gwf TWEET CALISE HAWKINS: twitter.com/CaliseHawkins Email us: SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": youtu.be/M2-K7VkXGXE COME SEE US LIVE: ALL GWF EXPERIENCE TOUR DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE: www.sorryaboutlastnightcomedy.com/tours/ FRIDAY, JANUARY 27TH @ 11:15pm NACHO BITCHES with Corinne Fisher & Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street NYC 16+, tix are $10 with code 'NACHO' TICKET LINK: http://newyorkcomedyclub.laughstub.com/show.cfm?cart&id=478744&coupon=22293081 MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. FIME - "Pretty Boys" https://fime.bandcamp.com 2. Alan Murphy - "Telepathy" https://thealanmurphy.bandcamp.com Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to: GWFPodcastMusic@gmail.com

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