This weekend, while Corinne was deep-throating mint chocolate chip gelato alone in her apartment, Krystyna was getting her pussy played like a kazoo at a Pennsylvania strip club. Plus, one less sexual listener asks the girls if a sex-less life is a pathetic life? This week, Sorry About Last Night sits down with comedian and rape survivor, Wendi Starling, to talk, for one of the first times, about a night seven years ago. The three discuss, graphically and candidly, the incidents of this night (at her good friend's wedding), brunch the next day, drinking, shame, the flawed California rape laws, and why she isn't pressing charges against the two men who raped her. Follow WENDI on Twitter @wendistarling Visit her website for upcoming show info: E--mail us at Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Tumblr: Facebook:

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