Halshack is Playin' with FIRE!! Double Sam action with the fiery sounds of SAM TINNESZ along with SAM and SOUNDS floating on Cloud 9 in the UK! Both Sams have been part of my quality team for some time now. Sam Tinnesz has been "blowing out" his hot "hits" all over my show for the last 3 years!!

Music is life and life is music for many! Space and the cosmos hold the building blocks for life as we know it here on planet Earth. The elements are varied and mixed from water to fire to earth to the very air we breathe. These musicians work hard to breathe these elements into their craft to bring to you here on the HALSHACK.

The elements bring passion to our music and our lives to create rich stories and vibrant lyrics with soaring melodies in some tunes or just "badass" vibes in others!!...lol

We owe everything to space and the planet Earth and all the chemistry it gives us in life, love, and pure enjoyment of all things elemental!!

Rock on or play with fire or just chill in the sunshine! However you do life, do it with the Halshack!!

EP 26 coming soon!! All new music from the 3rd Reverbnation campaign! We picked up another star!! BELINDA CARLISLE of "the GO GOs" is back in a duo act with Gabe Lopez!! We got new station ID tags coming from my partner Greg Goodell,. We also got a former American Idol from Season 13 returning to the scene on my show AANNNDDDD we got a brand new "exclusive series" coming to SPOTIFY soon. Its being sponsored by my partner MIKE HOFFMAN at MLM ENTERTAINMENT! First up will be the FIRE SHACK (best of Rap Shack series) 

There will be a slew of genre specific shows all with their own name and special series of music!

Also be sure to catch 2 Halshack acts passing through NC on the weekend of May 13-15th
CRASHING ATLAS and The CITY LIMIT will both be on the indie stage at the Wampus Cat Music Festival in Broadway NC just outside of Sanford! (my old stomping grounds where I grew up)

Always more news to come!! The indie grassroots movement that is the Halshack will never stop!!

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If you got music and you want on my show then find me anywhere or email me! Im not hard to locate or to talk too either! I dont make any promises Ill accept your music. It all depends on what you create!

Have fun! Be safe this spring!! The elements can be nasty this time of year!!