Please welcome Belinda Carlisle to the Halshack!!  Well last year we didn't get to put much focus on this special event! Due to the Wampus Cat Music Festival with Lit, Everclear and Sister Hazel this song was completely over shadowed! I talked about the song and played it in the Wampus Cat Special but it was a wash for their representation! 

Well I'd like to give this song justice and put the proper focus on the stellar career of Miss Belinda Carlisle of the Go Go's fame! I'm honored to have her on the show! She released a book recently about her troubled life behind the scenes which I believe many of us did not know about! I'm thankful she found a clean road to sobriety and she's with us today to share her stories of trials and tribulations. I'm glad she's overcome her problems and back on the road touring and cutting new music like this song with Gabe Lopez! Gabe submitted to me again for the show which we've already heard Gabe 3 times now on 3 diff tunes so thought we should swing back around to this little "diddy" about feeling the blues for home in CALIFORNIA BLUES! Honored to have this duet! 

This is all part of Reverbnation Campaign #6! We had 1500 submissions and all total almost 50 were chosen. There was 2 Shacknation shows and one rap show still to be released Rap Shack 12 will be out soon! Announcements will be coming shortly in emails to the lucky winners to get on my show! 

This is a great show. 10 minutes longer than normal. Lots of varied popular styles blended together. First you have some pop then a little EDM to swing your hips too then we work into some modern contemporary and off with a Brit wave to end the  block. Third we will rock you out with various styles of new rock from light to heavy in your face tracks with Once Around at the end! 

Its a blast! Share to your friends and associates! 

You find the show all over the web! Itunes Iheart Amazon Music Podomatic and many more!! 

See you again soon for Rap Shack 12!

High Rock Music Festival plans are in full swing for Summer 2024! More on that later!