Rap Shack 12 is sure to delve into some great jams to make you go "........DAMN!"..lol We're back again with another edition of my stellar rap and hip hop series I'm becoming renown for around the globe per our official radio submission campaigns with Reverbnation! This rounds out official campaign number #6 with the company. Moving on to 7 this summer!! We had 1500 submissions and chose about 50 to fill a few shows! Be sure to get your submissions in for the next campaign starting May 15th and ending July 31st! 

"She wanna do it for the Gram!" says Black Shawd and indeed we do want to get our message out to the Gram and Tik Tok and anywhere else who wants some dope tunes for your ride or to flash your hide...lol I managed to put together a cool special featuring some new rap infused R&B with a little soul pop in between then we go cruising into the islands for a little flavor of Jamaica. Skylar Lutes and Drifting Roots were having fun in the sun till the boys in blue thought they we're a "suspect" for bringing too much good music to your ears! Meanwhile MIGS718 is getting "Wasted" off good vibes after his BRAND NEW track just released!! Then we're going to take a slight stroll down memory lane to the harder edge of rap with some various new and old style hip hop mixes! 

Thanks for enjoying this journey with me. Its hard to put these shows together and manage to find all the right material to form a proper flow in order to arrange these various styles in a one hour setting. I manage to get lucky and do it everytime which is quite intriguing that I can do this without flaw. It does take alot of work. I have to dive through every single library of every potential artist for the episode and find the song that works and is presentable and professional enough for radio play. If its not there it doesnt make my show. Thats the quality Ive become known for. I appreciate everyone so much for becoming a fan and recognizing what we do here at the Halshack! It means the world to me and the most to these artists who have no voice to help them stand out! 

Find our shows across multiple platforms like itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music,. Podomatic, and many more plus my website at Halshack.com

See you soon! Time to start up some theme shows again and have a  Shack Hole "live" event coming soon to the Axehole and Friction Skating this summer in Lexington NC. where we hope to announce our official plans for the High Rock Music Fest Summer 2024 once we get the approvals and location solved.  

See ya later alligators!! ...lol ....... Peace out my friends!!