Welcome to the Halshack a bunch of new artists that will surely peek your ears and your curiosity! Your music senses will be abound as you delve into this library of aspiring hopefuls! We got pop rock indie and much more for your musical palette to savor!

We had about 1000 submissions but less than 40 to make the cut! About half are returning members but the others are brand spanking new! We even got all new tunes from most of the returning champs pumping out a mix of 3 new shows across the airwaves! Much here to make a fuss about! VOXX rock act from Florida is killin' it with some bad ass rock anthem vibes but they will certainly not  "Forget You" for giving them support! Kudos to them for cranking out a hell of a potential hit! 

Dont miss out on the cool vibes of Chad Rubin as hes not "Giving Up" on bringing you chill tunes from his catalogue or Maura Whitman who will be your "Therapist" during these trying times! 

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Official news for the HIGH ROCK PROMOTIONS MUSIC FESTIVAL (Aug 2024) at Cararway Speedway coming mid to late January!!