Its a new year and time to rap up 2023 with a fresh start for your hip-hop life! Its winter so chill out to RAP SHACK 15!  Were all hibernating here in the US due to the massive cold gridlock on the country! Don't let your music bore you to death or keep your tastes in gridlock over the same ole song and dance! Catch KJ from the cover chillin' with his "BOO"! Great track!

Plenty of cool new sounds coming from these various hip hop rising champs! We had about 1000 submissions from the latest REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #8, so about 40 were invited to blast on our airwaves! JOLO REEVES is on the climb! I'm rather impressed with his style and flair! Catch him 3 times in this episode as well as others who got 2 tracks each in this blizzard of fiery new talent!  There was just enough of new artists and some past artists who have more ace material meant to be heard! 

It may be cold outside but were burning up the airwaves here at the HALSHACK! enjoy your winter in the car or at the gym or chillin' in your pad with all of these great artists from this show, then check out what you missed out on in past shows! 

We are growing our very own radio station on ZENO FM with our own universe of over 400 professional artists from multiple popular genres! Go find out why we have thousands of hours of play time so far from across the world!!

THANKS SO MUCH to al the quality talent for making this all possible as well as the fantastic fans we have spreading the show around the globe! 

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THANKS PEEPS! YOURE THE BEST! YOU ROCK!!!  See you soon..... Halshack!