Back after popular demand!  Up next for your audible loving ears! Its been 3 years since the original Double Trouble hit the Halshack airwaves back during the crazy toilet paper lovin' year of

Lets serve up another stellar show for your musical tray! Its a wild varied romp through different genres that will have your head spinning at how I managed to make it all work with my signature

This series was born exclusively on ZENO FM back in 2020! It was later released to the podcast feed. Over the past couple of months I have created almost 10 new shows for this fantastic series. They will slowly be released to the podcast feed over the course of the year. 

It takes a very different approach to what we normally do and throws your brain into mixed genre mayhem or melancholy bliss. 2 exact same song titles or 2 similar song titles from 2 different bands. Sometimes its 2 robust distinct styles going head to head in this lyrical mess of audible 

This show will have you thumping your heels from rock to country to pop and back again! I try to set the song titles up where the next 2 songs are of similar styles until it changes and moves on accordingly. Its a blast!  

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THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!!!........Halshack