Its time for love or its time for disappointment. So much love to go around from those of us who don't have that special spice of life we call love and relationships. Love can be easy or the hardest trial of life! We all find pleasure in relishing in loves sweet rewards or loves sour remorse. Wherever you are in life or in your relationships we got the just the right message for you. This show covers it all from happy to sad and all stages of love in between. Love can be fun or very difficult. We've covered all the bases across our acclaimed series about the ruby red heart of love! Find all 3 previous Valentin'es episodes (Love Shack, Heart's Desire, Feelin' Lovely)

Have a new Valentine's show on the house from the "lovely, and lonely kid" I'm very young at heart and full of life and have always had love but the last few years of my life. Ive been going the lonely route while I grow my show and company. Its time I find love again, there's many hearts out there to melt mine but only one I can truly hold. Who are you? Maybe Ill find her at the High Rock Music Festival or before then be shy....hit me up on social media!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! However you celebrate! Celebrate with musical style!

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