Reverb Campaign #3 is here and we all agree that you cant go wrong with these rappers of this degree! Skills is the game we play and song writing is how we plan to stay! Sticky...sticky..sticky goodness is what we're all about here at the "shack"! Radio used to mean catchy, radio used to mean solid hooks and tracks you can sing along or rap too because you can understand the lyrics and its written in a way that makes sense to your mind that anyone can relate. Its the reason "hit songs" became hit songs. 

Those songs back in the day spoke to a wide range of people from all walks of life from all backgrounds to all races. That's what good mainstream hits do. They bridge the gap and bring people together under one common love and that's the love of music. If your song has the ability to grab multiple generations attention from multiple cultures across the world then you're on to something BIG!

Halshack dives deep into the indie market to pull out and showcase what could be "hits" in their respective rights to their genres or styles. These rappers and creators are out here working their butts off grinding daily through life and work to try to spark some life back into the rap scene we all used to know and love and cherish! 

Gen X owns all popular music types. We expanded what was a bland market of soft rock disco and pop and turned the world on its head with stars like Dre, Snoop Dog, Madonna, Metallica and Guns and Roses etc..... There is no one better at music and its time to recapture that magic before all hope is lost to the major labels and their agenda to "dumb down" the industry! 

Well we're not having it here on the Halshack! In the words of the great TWISTED SISTER "NO! We're not gonna take it anymoroorrreeee"

Be sure to catch MIGS718 "live" at SXSW 2022 in Texas March 19!  Im sure it will be a great showcase! Over 500 artists on display! We have one more from the Halshack! Portland rockers "40 Feet Tall" will also be out live in Texas! 

The show is growing all over the world folks and especially out in Kansas! MIDWEST SALOON is from KANSAS CITY and KC has quickly become one of my top cities in the world out of 400 locations is up on deck with a couple songs to show you their cool classic styles and vibe that only they can create!

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