In August of 1991, the LA rap scene was transformed by a trio of Latino rappers from South Gate. Cypress Hill was riding hot off the success of How I Can Just Kill A Man and found a huge audience in LA. DJ Muggs' production fit in perfect with B-Real and Sen-Dog's flow and together they helped create the blueprint for a more laid-back and smoked-out style of gangsta rap, a full year before Dre's The Chronic dropped

Professor and author Felicia Angeja Viator sits down with us to discuss the LA rap scene, B-Reals unique singsong delivery, and Muggs' talent for finding the perfect loops.

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Show Tracklisting (all songs from Cypress Hill unless otherwise indicated):

  • Break It Up
  • Latin Lingo
  • The Phuncky Feel One
  • Pigs
  • Hand On The Pump
  • Real Estate
  • The Phuncky Feel One
  • How I Can Just Kill A Man
  • The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
  • The Village Callers: Hector
  • The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
  • Hand on the Pump
  • Gene Chandler: Duke of Earl
  • Born to Get Busy
  • Hand on the Pump
  • Above the Law: Livin' Like Hustlers
  • The Psycho Realm: The Big Payback
  • Ice Cube: We Had To Tear This Mothafucka Up

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