This week marks the 17th anniversary of Madvillainy and we invited A&R man and producer Dante Ross to discuss working with KMD, Dumile's move from Zev Love X to MF DOOM, and the stories behind the production of Mr. Hood and Black Bastards. Buckle up, we go deep on this one. 

Rest in power, Villain

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Show Tracklisting:

  • MF DOOM: Figaro
  • Grand Puba: 360° (What Goes Around) - SD50 Remix
  • 3rd Bass: The Gas Face 
  • KMD: Peachfuzz
  • KMD: Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • KMD: Peachfuzz
  • KMD: Bananapeel Blues
  • KMD: Humrush
  • Little Wink & Eddie's 25th Century Band: Peacock
  • KMD: Soulflexin'
  • KMD: F*@# Wit' Ya Head!!
  • KMD: Get-U-Now
  • Kain: I Ain't Black
  • KMD: Black Bastards!
  • KMD: Constipated Monkey
  • Shazzy: Gigahoe
  • Brand Nubian: Wake Up - Stimulated Dummies Mix
  • Everlast: What It's Like
  • Grand Puba: Step to the Rear
  • KMD: Plummskinz (Loose Hoe, God and Cupid)
  • KMD: Black Bastards! 
  • KMD: What A N**** Know - Q3 Version
  • KMD: What A N**** Know?
  • KMD: Sweet Premium Wine
  • The Five Stairsteps: New Dance Craze
  • KMD: Sweet Premium Wine
  • KMD: Suspended Animation
  • MF DOOM: Rhymes Like Dimes
  • Madvillain: Meat Grinder
  • Madvillain: All Caps
  • Madvillain: Accordion
  • Madvillain: Rhinestone Cowboy
  • Madvillain: All Caps
  • MF DOOM & Ghostface Killah: Lively Hood
  • Madvillain: Rainbows
  • MF DOOM: Rap Snitch Knishes 
  • MF DOOM: Hoe Cakes
  • MF DOOM: Potholderz

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