It's part 2 of our listener specials where we invited fans of the show to talk about their personal Heat Rocks. This time, Phillip Merritt AKA Lost In Williamsburg, comes down with our first official disco album, Bad Girls by Donna Summer.


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Show Tracklisting (all songs from Bad Girls unless otherwise indicated):

  • Hot Stuff
  • Dim All The Lights
  • My Baby Understands
  • Donna Summer: The Hostage
  • Donna Summer: Love to Love You Baby
  • On My Honor
  • Lucky
  • Harold Faltermeyer: Axel F
  • Hot Stuff
  • Our Love
  • New Order: Blue Monday
  • Hot Stuff
  • Bad Girls
  • CHIC: Le Freak
  • The Michael  Zager Band: Let's All Chant
  • One Night In A Lifetime
  • Can't Get To Sleep At Night
  • Bad Girls
  • Dim All The Lights
  • Sunset People
  • Bad Girls
  • Eddie Kendricks: Girl You Need A Change of Mind
  • Kelis: Jerk Ribs

Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find there

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