This week, we're wrapping up the third edition of The Art of Sampling and talking about Slum Village's album Fantastic, Vol. 2 with music exec and writer, Dan Charnas. We discuss J Dilla's sampling techniques, the great lengths the label went through to keep this project under wraps, and the influence of Dilla on future beatmaking.

More on Dan Charnas

More on Fantastic, Vol 2

Song Tracklisting (all songs from Fantastic Vol. 2 unless otherwise indicated):

  • Intro
  • Hustle
  • Prince: Lady Cab Driver
  • Little Beaver: A Tribute to Wes
  • Conant Gardens
  • The Singers Unlimited: Clair
  • The Sugarhill Gang: Rapper's Delight
  • The Singers Unlimited: Clair
  • Players
  • Untitled/Fantastic
  • Hold Tight
  • Climax
  • Forth and Back (Demo Version)
  • Get Dis Money
  • Herbie Hancock: Come Running to Me
  • Jealousy
  • Brand New Heavies: Sometimes (Remix)
  • Once Upon A Time
  • I Don't Know
  • Untitled/Fantastic
  • I Don't Know
  • Baden Powell: E Isso Ai
  • Fall In Love
  • Gap Mangione: Diana In The Autumn Wind
  • Fall In Love
  • CB4
  • Fall in Love
  • Slum Village: Keep It On
  • Hiatus Kaiyote: Fingerprints

Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find on there.
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