Kinky Movement "Bounce" (Funkfield)
Markus Ferdinand "Beautiful Dream" Wattie Green Mix (Shak Digital)
South Of Roosevelt "To Be Somebody" (Smooth Agent)
Bleep District "Don't Stop Now" (Lost My Dog)
Corduroy Mavericks "Mack Attack" (Ficus Tree)
DJ Flipsta "Be A Freak" Corduroy Mavericks Mix (Serial Sickness)
DJ Bene & Javi Lopez "It's OK" Freaky Behaviour Mix (Greenhouse)
Jores "Funk Till You Jack" JMC Mix (Brainkat)
Quell "Interesting Story" Soul De Marin Mix (Juiced)
Zare "Big Band Theory" (Kinjo)
Wattie Green "Play A Tune" (Juiced)
RTHM "Moonshine" Wattie Green Dub (Knocturnal Emissions)
South Of Roosevelt "Found Me A Lover" (Guesthouse)