B.G. Baarregaard "Give Your Heart To Me" Dub Mix (Silhouette)
Stephane Deschezeaux "More Or Less" Ran Salman Remix (Sleazy Deep)
Weedyman "If You Will Why Don't You" (Issy's Groove)
New World "Night Stalker" Lauer Remix (Riotvan)
MiDiMAN "Dreams Come True" (Pole Position)
Bog "Dive" (Akbal)
Tom Middleton "Gliding" Shur-I-Kan Remix (Urban Torque)
Akabu & Giom "Again" Joey Negro Strip Mix (Z)
Crazy P "Clouds" Outboxx Remix (Futureboogie)
Recloose "Backtrack" (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Kuba Sojka "Don't Be A Shy" (Dogmatik)
Rhythm Plate & Clyde "Yeah X 10 (State Of My Fate)" YSE Remix (Lost My Dog)