Kinky Movement "Frequency" (Lingo)
Kinky Movement "Frequency" Sonny Fodera Mix (Lingo)
Wattie Green "Natural Mystic" (Flapjack)
Goldfish "Cruising Through" Kyle Watson Mix (Pacha)
Tom Drummond "Funky Fresh From 83" (Sly City)
Scrubfish & Laurence "Sake To Me" (Spatula City)
RTHM "Honey" (Spatula City)
Reckless "Still In The Groove" Hi Fi Remake (Sexafonic)
Neighbour "Drunk On The Funk" (Super Hi-Fi)
Sound Navigators "The Grind" Chuck Love Mix (Chillin)
Uriah West & Rescue "Gimme The Beat Back" (Lingo)
Yam Who "Wax The Van" Rework (Electric Minds)