Wattie Green "Brazilian Heat" (Coyote Cuts)
Corduroy Mavericks "Close Tight" (Flapjack)
Diem & Romano Arcaini "Time" South Of Roosevelt Mix (Native Soul)
The Sound Republic "Up The Council" Frankie J Mix (Guesthouse)
Soul De Marin "Pimpin" (Dufflebag)
Wattie Green "The Prophet" (Coyote Cuts)
Emil Lanne "Rhode Trip" (Guesthouse)
Kinky Movement "In The Middle" (Replay)
Brown & Steve Littlemen "Foolin Around" Toby Neal Mix (Mobile Trax)
Jackin Box "The Grill" (Flapjack)
Jam Funk "Roll Rock" (Funk Mansion)
Freaky Behaviour "Turbo Daddy" (Cleanhouse)
Moshun "Raw As Funk" (Roundhouse)
Corduroy Mavericks "Doo Wop" Kinky Movement Mix (Beatdown)