Glam Sam & His Combo "Back In Business Baby" (Lemongrass)
Glam Sam & His Combo "She Can Do The Bop" (Lemongrass)
Greenskeepers "DC Minor" (Classic)
Fabio Bacchini & D-t3ch "Decipher" (Mindtravel)
Nate Laurence "Drama Mama" (Mindtravel)
Mel Rosario "The Brink Of Extinction" Emil Lanne Mix (Disko Zoo)
Forrest Avery & Derty D "Fried Phish" (Guesthouse)
Funk Mediterraneo "Red Balls" Wattie Green Mix (Blockhead)
Nate Laurence "Drama Mama" Jason Hodges Mix (Mindtravel)
Mastiksoul "Groovy Business" (4Kenzo)
M&gors "Nice Smooth Monday" Magnus Wedberg Mix (Greenhouse)
Oner Affman "You Got The Funk" (Lokik)
Jurassic 5 "In The House" JMC Boot (unreleased)
Hokus & Masss "Bang Coke" (Black N Pink)