AtFunk "Sequence 75" (Timewarp)
Tom Drummond "Downstrokin" (Blockhead)
Uriah West & Rescue "Gimme The Beat Back" (Lingo)
Sonny Fodera "Outta Control" (Drop)
D-Reflection "Wanna Party" Fresh Dub (Sniff Your Ears)
Wes "Let's Go Back" (Kolour)
Organized Crime "Play The Part" (Spatula City)
Soydan "Lost Coin" (Yakuza)
Jam Funk "Fit The Shoe" (Monokini)
Corduroy Mavericks "What Good Is Music" Wattie Green Mix (Juiced)
Wattie Green "Straighten Up" (Spatula City)
Sonny Fodera "Moondance" (Sly City)
Nick Maurer "Wash My Hands" Miles Maeda Mix (Shak Digital)