Kink & Jamon "Dat Funk" (Spatula City)
Akaquela "Revenge Adelante" (Sneak Tip)
Soydan "Running With The Beat" (Guesthouse)
Mastiksoul "If You Don't Have Funk I Lend You Some" (Evasive)
Midway Strangers "You Wanna" (Photo)
Jangatha "Before" Flipsta Mix (Serial Sickness)
Evan Rhodes "Street Sweepa" Midway Strangers Mix (Photo)
Matthew Brian & Pat Nice "Do The Boogaloo" Refilter Mix (5280)
Romano Arcaini & Diem "Backbone" Jonn Hawley Mix (Tight)
Shrewd "High Birds" (Shrewd) EDIT
Anhanguera "Funky Miracle" (Guesthouse)
Homer Latham "Freaky R Pants" (Missing)
Bobby N Klein "Go" (Lingo)
Dave Miller "Because Of You" (Cleanhouse)