AtFunk "Nu Room" (Timewarp)
Husky "As I Go Along" Joe Pompeo Mix (Blockhead)
JMC "Keep The Party Dancing" (Greenhouse)
D-Reflection "Wanna Party" Dub (Sniff Your Ears)
Kinky Movement "Listen Up" (Mindtravel)
Soul De Marin "Cool It Down" (Sampled)
Wattie Green "Early In The Mornin" (Juiced)
Brian Heath "Full Circle" (Guesthouse)
Chuck Love "Freak Technique" (Large)
South Of Roosevelt "Take The Bomb" (Juiced)
Tommy Largo "The Same Thing" (Guesthouse)
Kinky Movement "All Nite Long" (Kinjo)
RTHM "Moonshine" (Knocturnal Emissions)