Bloom "New Doo Wrap" (Movim)
Wattie Green "New Clear" (Flapjack)
JT Donaldson "Hats & Sticks" (Kinjo)
Tommy Largo "The Same Thing" (Guesthouse)
South Of Roosevelt "Found Me A Lover" (Guesthouse)
Jeremy Joshua "Monkey Business" (Sampled)
Corduroy Mavericks "What Good Is Music" Wattie Green Mix (Juiced)
Soul Circus "Beats To Match Your Feet" (Union)
Wattie Green "Straighten Up" (Spatula City)
Quell "Interesting Story" Soul De Marin Mix (Juiced)
Isaac Fresco "Foxtrot" Soydan Mix (Guesthouse)
Zare "Big Band Theory" (Kinjo)
Wattie Green "Swing It" (Serial Sickness)
Jam Funk "Fit The Shoe" (Monokini)