Angels saved Here Be Monsters’ host Jeff Emtman once.  They picked him up and took care of him after a bad bike crash.  It was just one of many times that Jeff felt watched over by God.

Jeff used to think he might be a pastor someday.  And so, as a teenager, he made an active effort to orient his thoughts and deeds towards what God wanted. 

In this episode, Jeff tells four short stories about faith (and the lack thereof) through the metaphor of declination, or the distance in angle between the unmovable true north, and the ever shifting magnetic north.  

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HBM121-01 - crop.jpg
A 180 degree panorama in the middle of Holden Village, where Jeff spent his Junior year of high school. 
Trees discussed on the episode are pictured far left.  

Fields of wheat near Jeff’s childhood home.

Summer stars in the field behind Jeff’s childhood home.

A country highway near Jeff’s childhood home.

Meadow in the North Cascades near Holden Village. 

Jeff in the mountains near Holden Village several years after he attended high school there.

Spider Gap, a high mountain pass near Holden Village in the North Cascades.