HBM Host Jeff Emtman has always been afraid of losing his memories. Places he cares about keep getting torn down.

In this episode, Jeff bikes around Seattle recording the sounds of a popping balloon to capture the sound of places he likes: Padelford Hall’s Parking Garage, The Wayne Tunnel in Bothell, his old house in Roosevelt, The Greenlake Aqua Theater, and his front porch on a snowy day.  

The sound of a popping balloon can be used to re-create a space digitally.  These popping sounds are loud ‘impulses’, and the space ‘responds’ accordingly.  These impulse responses can then be fed to an audio effect called a “convolution reverb” which interprets the impulse response and applies it to any incoming sound.  

Rick and Kathy Emtman are heard on this episode.  Forrest Perrine helped with some of the recordings.  

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Producer: Jeff Emtman

Music: The Black Spot, August Friis, Serocell, Phantom Fauna

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