This mixtape was created for Section II's First Times Spotlight Series. For more information, visit

The First Times mixtape captures first experiences ranging from love, kisses, heartbreaks, experiences with a pregnant woman and many more. All of the songs are performed by LGBTQ and allied musicians and curated by Homoground, a podcast that spotlights and supports queer musicians.

Kat Knoc - Love Betwee n
KIN4LIFE - Never Meant to Hurt You
Michelle Raymond Band - Change
Clinical Trials - Awake in my Arms
Paulina Perlwitz - The Other Side
edmond - and u go
Purdy Holsom - 2 Chix
Mark Castle - Eat My Lemon
Lonesome Leash - Please to meet you
Anu Sava - Goldstar
Anna Gutmanis - First in Love
The Paisley Fields - Butterflies
Brett Every - camping out
Serious Stanley - So High

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