Spooky season is upon us so we felt it was our duty to shine a light on a... sort of spooky movie? Magic cop is an action/comedy about cops dealing with the super-natural. Who would have guessed that? Needless to say, the plot is paper thin but the movie is packed with surprises and magic fight scenes perfectly orchestrated by a young film director, Wei Tung. The man later pursued a career as an action director for stunts, and Magic Cop demonstrates very well his talent in this domain. As for the cast, we found a familiar face at the front, the legendary Lam Ching-ying, from classics such as the Mr Vampire series of films, Encounters of a spooky kind 1 and 2, or Hocus Pocus. A specialist of the super-natural with a perfect set of eyebrows. Are you not entertained?

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