Most of us are familiar with rideshare apps at this point. We tap a few buttons on a phone and...voila! A vehicle arrives to take you virtually anywhere you want to go. But what if these vehicles could operate entirely without a human driver? Will we one day live in a world where most cars drive themselves?

Kyle Vogt believes that autonomous vehicles will fundamentally change how we get from place to place, and soon! After being part of the team that launched the video game streaming platform Twitch, Kyle charted a new course in 2013 by founding Cruise, which was acquired by General Motors just three years later.

This week on How I Built This Lab, Kyle talks with Guy about the process of building a fleet of fully driverless ‘robo taxis’—which are now available for service in San Francisco and coming to more cities across the U.S.. Plus, the two discuss the potential of autonomous vehicles to reduce the alarming number of vehicle-related fatalities and injuries experienced every year.

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