In this episode, we're featuring the debut album from Saint Louis' Clint Hasse: "Inside Nashville" (2017). With a voice that brings to mind Texas greats like Tommy Hooker for tone and Ernest Tubb for warmth, this album is 100% original. 13 new country music compositions, with styles ranging from western swing, slick 60s country-pop and Bakersfield twang to straight out honky tonk - this is an immensley pleasing first outing, overseen expertly by producer Justin Branum, who also happens to play near anything with strings. Clint's debut album draws from his own life experiences and influences on "Inside Nashville", and with tip-of-the-hat songs to Glen Campbell, George Jones & Buck Owens, any country fan won't go unsatisfied. Pickers are A-class, including Doug Jernigan on steel guitar and Eugene Moles on telecaster - and highlights are plentiful. Look out for the quasi-autobiographical "I Could've Been George Jones' Son" for a laugh, "The Disappearing Cowboy Way Of Life" for a western swing toe-tapper and "The Twang" for the spirit of country music captured in song. Highly recommended.