In this week's show we're featuring a duet album that time forgot - Kitty Wells & Red Foley and their "comeback" LP on Decca: "Together Again" (1967). First paired together on a record label hunch in 1953/54 in Springfield, Missouri while Foley was hosting the popular Ozark Jubilee TV show - three singles were released on Wells/Foley and all were hits. A full LP followed but busy schedules meant it wasn't until 1967 that the two were truly "together again" for our feature album. On paper, Kitty Wells' high-pitched hillbilly warble and Red Foley's buttery-smooth baritone seems an odd pairing. But it just works. Three singles from the album charted and those cuts were Foley's first (and last) to do so in almost eight years. A somewhat poignant posthumously-released of Scotty Wiseman's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" became Foley's last single after his passing in 1968, and Wells/Foley's final duet album serves as a pleasing reminder of the talents of two of country's elders (even in 1967) past their respective commercial (but not vocal) peaks.