In this week's episode we're featuring a 1978 album for Texas icon Red Steagall: "Hang On Feelin'". Recorded and released during a period of continued commercial decline, "Hang On Feelin'" was Steagall's last outing for ABC/Dot Records. That commercial decline does not translate to a decline in quality however, and fans of traditional country and western swing will find plenty to like. Based in Nashville for much of the 70s, this record has backing from many of Music City's top flight sidemen but as usual for Texas Red, there's a definite Lone Star flavour. We could've featured the whole album this week (it's that good), but just a few of the highlights include a Jim Glaser cut (the album was recorded at Glaser Sound Studio) on "Sittin' In An All Nite Cafe"; the dark single "The Devil Ain't A Lonely Woman's Friend"; a wistful cowboy's recollection in "About Horses And Wars" and the self-explanatory "All I Knew To Talk About Was Texas". If Red Steagall ever put out a bad record, this wasn't it.