In this week's episode we're focusing on "The Man Behind The Music": the prolific songwriting talent and success of Oklahoma's Roger Springer. A diehard Merle Haggard fan since his teens, Springer was born and raised around Caddo, OK and at age 28 in the late 80s, he quit his job at JC Potter Sausage Company and moved to Nashville. After a record deal fell through there was two choices ahead of Springer: go back to the sausage company or become a hit songwriter. Backtracking wasn't an option - so, taking notes from greats like Dean Dillon and Whitey Shafer, Springer began songwriting in earnest. Over the rest of the next decade, Roger Springer enjoyed several big hits with his good buddy and kindred spirit Mark Chesnutt, George Strait, Daryle Singletary, Wade Hayes and a host of the 90s best: from the decade of hats, mullets, square jaws we celebrate the songs of Roger Springer, some of the stories behind them and a good ol' boy who's down home ways and easy-going demeanour didn't seem changed in over three decades and counting in country music.