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When I close my eyes, whether the purpose is to settle down and relax, nap for a few or call it quits for the night and fall asleep, I like having those slow, melodic tunes by my side with the volume just right. Lullabies and ballads. It just 'does something' to you. My inquisitive nature about what that some thing is led me to do some research.

We've heard it said that music has charms to sooth a savage breast. An article I found helps make sense of that adage. The National Sleep Foundation ( posted the article, "Can Music Help You Calm Down and Sleep Better?" The answer is a definite yes and they go on to explain why. Music has a positive effect, an almost enchanting effect on us biologically and that is quite relevant to this mix and its purpose.
So......with that info in mind, let's dive in.
It's time to fade to black. RELAX and ENJOY!

Intro Reggie TheJazzman
Coming Home (Coco's Theme) Jason D. Jordan
When Morning Comes Chris Geith
All My Heart Brian Culbertson
Open Your Heart Tony Vattimo
I'll Take You There Michael E.
Sweet As U R Grant Geissman
Only (feat. Kaimi Hananoeau) Marion Meadows
Road Back To Love Gregg Karukas
Morning Voice Max Valldeneu
The Journey Jonathan Fritzen
Children's Games Nelson Rangell
The Rose Urban Knights
It Ain't Over Til It's Over Jamie Lancaster
I Wanna Know Dennis Nelson
Para Brisa (Pure Breeze) Nestor Torres
Dream Of Forever Mike Murray