Crazy what you can do on a 1/2 of a nights' sleep, waking up at 3:30 am. You never know when the creative juices are going to flow!

I want to make this clear, this is TWO completely separate songs. No, really it is!
Some of you are saying my mixes are too seamless and you can't tell its a mix/mashup (that's the whole!!)

Here's The breakdown:
All the flute parts you hear throughout the mix are from Althea Rene's tune "FM 1960", off of her brand new smokin' hot CD 'In The Flow'. Althea's flute fits in perfectly with the slammin' bassline and the fierce groove of Sister Sledges 'Thinking Of You' (Dimitri Of Paris Remix). This is a straight up ol skool party jam, almost has a house feel to it.

Initially you'll hear me blend Althea in to compliment Sister Sledges vocals, listen closely as Althea totally rips it up on flute. Big shout to Dimitri from Paris for reworking the Sister Sledge tune. Jazz folks, Althea Rene's "in The Flow" CD is a must have!

Now, this takes me back to my roots. THIS is how I used to throw down back in NYC! It wasn't always smooth!

Mixing for 30 years.....still going strong!!