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I'm back with some more, this podcast on the heels of some 'me' time. Yep...summer brings on sunshine and vacation. Thankfully I had jus enough of both. I had a pretty nice getaway, hitting the road for about 5 hours or so. And you know I was listening to?? That's right...The Carefree Drives were loaded up back to back. Helped make that drive seem a lot shorter, smoother and enjoyable. I couldn't wait to get back home and produce another here it is.

Pop this one in the MP3 player when you get on one of those long drives. This mix comes in at around 2 hrs and 40 min. I'm definitely sure it'll enjoyably help get you to your destination. Let me know...

Featured on this extended podcast is music from Doc Flowers, Vincent Ingala, Pieces Of A Dream, The Sax Triplets, Larry White, Najee, Nelson Rangell, Chris Standring, Gerald Veasley, Jonathan Butler, Incognito, Althea Rene, Julian Vaughn, Art Porter, Lindsey Webster, Brian Taquin, Paul Taylor, Jeanette Harris, The Rippingtons, Chris Walker, R. L. Walker, Brian Clay, Charley Langer