Today's guest is screenwriter Geoffrey D. Calhoun. Geoffery is the author of the #1 best-selling screenwriting book The Guide For Every Screenwriter: From Synopsis to Subplots: The Secrets of Screenwriting Revealed.Screenwriting made simple. The Guide for Every Screenwriter is one of the most efficient instruction manuals on the craft. This book cuts past the verbose film school expository, and gets straight to work, delivering sample-driven outlines and templates that anyone can follow. It is quick to apply to your work and serves as a side-by-side checklist for the writing process. This is the book for anyone looking to write a screenplay and for any professional needing a refresher. Whether you are learning how to write a screenplay or are a veteran screenwriter, this is the perfect tool for you. This book reveals the mysteries of screenwriting from concept development, subplots, to format and beyond by using easy to follow templates and examples.Geoffrey D. Calhoun (Heroes from Heaven - S.O.S. - Lily) is the founder of where he and his team mentor indie filmmakers and support them with all aspects of screenwriting from concept to development, polishing a script, one on one consultation, and even write for hire. Geoffrey is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and is sought out as a script consultant and a re-writer for various stages of development and production. He is the director of the Script Summit Screenplay Contest which is listed as one of the biggest Screenplay Competitions by The Script Lab.He is known for his fast-paced thrillers but has also won awards for comedies and dramas. He has received honors in several film festivals and contests including the Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Writing. In 2017 Geoffrey was listed as a Top 100 Indie Writer in the World. He believes everyone is a writer at heart and has dedicated himself to help others learn the craft. His seminars are designed to break down the mysteries of screenwriting by using easy to follow templates, outlines, and modern popular films as examples.Enjoy my inspirational conversation with Geoffrey D. Calhoun.

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