Today on the show, we have screenwriters David Diamond and David Weissman. Their credits include studios' movies like Family Man, Evolution, Old Dogs, and When in Rome. We discuss their adventures in the screenwriting trade, working with studios, and their new book Bulletproof: Writing Scripts that Don't Get Shot Down.

The team of Diamond and Weissman has been writing movies and mentoring filmmakers for decades. In this practical guide, they take the aspiring writer by the hand and guide them through the logistics and tools of writing an attention-grabbing, audience-pleasing screenplay. Readers will learn the interests and needs of managers, agents, producers, executives, financiers, directors, and actors. Diamond and Weissman attribute their phenomenal success to a career-long focus on the motives and priorities of film sponsors and benefactors.
Whether it’s a theatrical release or a streaming movie, a major, big-budget tent pole, or an intimate, character-driven indie drama, Diamond and Weissman apply their time-tested approach. This fresh way of thinking will resonate with writers, industry professionals, and cinephiles excited to peek under the hood at what makes their favorite films tick.Bulletproof: Writing Scripts that Don't Get Shot Down is the rare screenwriting instructional penned by authors with both massive credits and decades of business experience.

Enjoy my conversation with David Diamond and David Weissman.

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