Today on the show we have writer and showrunner Michael Jamin. Michael has been writing for television since 1996. His many credits include Just Shoot Me, King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Out of Practice, Rules of Engagement, Lopez and Tacoma FD.

He’s also served as Executive Producer/Showrunner on Glenn Martin DDS, Maron, and Rhett & Link’s Buddy System. Michael currently lives in Los Angeles where he's working on a collection of personal essays to be released in 2020. Michael also launched a new course to help writers interested in working in streaming/television. It's called The Showrunner's Guide to TV Writing. Here's the pitch by Michael.

I've watched a bunch of Masterclass videos. They feature amazingly talented writers talking about their craft. At $200, it's a great way to get exposed to their genius. My course is not about getting you exposed. And I want to do more than just inspire you. I do a lot of hand-holding in these lessons. I show you how to take a kernel of an idea, break it into a story with act breaks, then develop that story from outline to script.I lay out the exact process that I use every day to write stories that make people laugh and cry. It's about creating an easily managed structure so that the creative process isn't so daunting. You should continue to draw inspiration from the masters. I certainly do. But if you need more than just inspiration, I can be your guide.

Enjoy my conversation with Michael Jamin.

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