Chris Soth developed the “Mini-Movie Method” after years of success as a Hollywood screenwriter. Chris has multiple projects in development at major Hollywood studios. This master storyteller is also an expert in pitching and selling - necessary tools for a screenwriter in Hollywood.Chris holds an MFA in screenwriting and a BA in Dramatic Literature. He is the only seminar instructor whose work has been produced by a major Hollywood studio.

MILLION-DOLLAR SCREENWRITING presents a method of story design that is easy to understand and easy to do, The Mini Movie Method! This is the key to unlocking your future as a working screenwriter in Hollywood. It turns writing into an effortless, step-by-step process and makes beginners into experts and experts into masters of the craft. The secret to successful screenwriting has finally arrived: The Mini-Movie Method!-THE MINI-MOVIE METHOD WAS INVENTED FOR MOVIES!-When the film was born story changed forever. Traditional “Three-Act Structure” was invented for the theater, but movies are shot, edited, and projected on “reels.” Each reel contains its own piece of the story, like chapters of a novel called “sequences” or “Mini-Movies.” The Mini-Movie Method is a way of “sequencing” your story that is specifically designed for movies, tailored to movies, and unique to movies because The Mini-Movie Method was CREATED for movies.

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