We talk GTA V.

Questions this week:

  1. What's the closest we've gotten to the Holodeck from Star Trek?
  2. Create a compelling narrative and background for a female protagonist in an add-on to GTA V.
  3. How would you compare the GTA franchise to the Yakuza franchise?
  4. What honest jobs would you like to see in the next GTA?
  5. If you and your friends were playing GTA in elementary school, what myths and exaggerations would you expect to hear about the games?
  6. Would you consider GTA to be a mature franchise?
  7. What other film genres can you see Rockstar taking on?
  8. If GTA V was the first game someone was playing in the series, what reasons would you give them to revisit previous games in the series?
  9. What's the difference between the violence in GTA IV and GTA V?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Rockstar Report Card

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Loading Theme' from GTA IV for the Xbox 360 and 'Loading Theme' from GTA San Andreas for the PS2.