Last Intoxica show of this weird year! Ugh! But we always manage to have a ball (maybe 2! har har)... you may or may not know, there’s still a curfew in LA Which is at 10 pm, and since my show is from 9-11, the powers that be wanted me to not be “live” till it’s over (after New Year’s Eve I believe)...I gotta make the most of it because I have no choice but since this is the last thing I can freely do in this ruined situation it hurts. The only upside is that I will be in the chat room with all of you nuts and can interact much more since I am not running in circles playing round Records that go in circles, and that’s fun… So tune in at 9pm Karloffornia time at ... Art by the wonderful Karl Kaos. #rocknroll #radio #burnt #curfew #dance #rockabilly #surf #newyearseve #rhythmandblues #karlkaos