1993 is where the time machine takes us tonight as we listen to some early studio and live recordings of the Tom Gary Blues Band.  These are so old that I don't remember recording most of them:-)   The studio recordings that come first feature Tom Gary on piano and vocal, with Billy Birch on sax, Probably Harry Michaels on guitar, and Steve Green on drums.  The two live songs were from a show at Connie's Lounge with the Tom Gary Blues Band, Jonny and the Soul Searchers, and Scotty and the Wingtips.  Unfortunately only two songs so far exist.  (I am pretty sure I have at least all of my band recorded somewhere) Those two songs feature Dave Nesvette on guitar, Billy Birch on sax, Jay Weaver on bass, and Jimmy Smith on the drums.  

That is a great show, and yes we have letters!

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