Tonight we listen to a nearly 25 year old recording from the legendary KFMG!  Scott Kay's Local Licks show from 1994!  Ronn Hill is the guest and he brought with him his newest release, which at the time he hoped to release within a few weeks.  However it seems at least the CD didn't get out until 2002.   There are a few songs towards the end of the show that didn't make the CD, but most of the earlier ones did.  It is great to hear Ronn's voice again, and to hear him talk about his life and his music.  

While I mentioned most people on the podcast there were a few I missed and as promised here they are in the show notes.  Scott Kay and KFMG host Ronn Hill.  On the original recordings were Ronn Hill on bass and vocal, JC Anderson on guitar, Bryan Mardsen on Keys, Howard Feekerson, John Haun, and Paul Thompson on drums, Frank Trible on guitar.  I said during the podcast that Sam Salamone was on the recordings, he is not mentioned, but is listed on the liner notes of the CD.  However, I have a feeling those songs were recorded later by Ronn.  The recordings were done at Catamount, Juniors motel, and SR Audio. Finally I mention playing on local licks with Bob Dorr, Molly Nova, and John Woody Wood, I forgot to mention Bob Rosenbeck on bass.  

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