UPDATE!!!!        There was an error in this weeks The first 25 people are missing songs.  Redownload now and you should have the full show.  THANKS


This is the first of two shows.  The previous women in blues shows did not feature the whole show in its entirely so tonight we fix that!   on August 1 2014 The Blues Army of Des Moines in cooperation with the Hull Ave (owned then by Thomas Morris) put on its first Women in Blues Show.  Tonight we listen to the first hour of the show.  We start with the house band the Bad Boys of the Blues (Tom Gary, Jon East, Norman Sue, and Scotty Hartung) then in order April May, Barb Baker Miller, Michelle Baldwin, Bluebird Page with Jean Marie, and Krista Haugland, and Madam Jules!   

This show was a lot of fun and a lot of work to recreate.  I had to search for all the tracks, and try to piece together which came first.  special thanks to Lee Bell who not only recorded the shows, but left me hints on the tracks on where they belonged.  Rest in Peace my friend you are truly missed!

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