Irish Celtic music from Fiddlinda: Linda Relph, Bonhomme Setter, Clandestine, The Tea Merchants, Slan, NUA, David Nigel Lloyd, Allan Yn Y Fan, Francesca Fabris, Blarney, LQR, Catalpa, Bourbon & Shamrocks, The BibleCode Sundays, Sean McCabe & Cady Finlayson.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:32"Tony's Celebration" by Fiddlinda: Linda Relphfrom There & Then - Here & Now

5:06"Man of the House" by Bonhomme Setterfrom Obia on iTunes

9:58"Peggy" by Clandestinefrom To Anybody At AllJen Hamel has a new band, The Good Set. Also features Heather Gilmer

13:30"J.S. Carolan" by The Tea Merchantsfrom Gaslight Snaps on iTunes

17:07"The Bold Grenadier/Melodie Cornouaillaise" by Slanfrom Later on iTunes

23:41"The Draw" by NUAfrom BOLD on iTunes

26:47"On the Trail of Tears" by David Nigel Lloydfrom How Like Ghosts We Are

30:42"Lle Arall" by Allan Yn Y Fanfrom Pwnco on iTunes

34:23"Everlasting Dream" by Francesca Fabrisfrom So Close To You

38:45"The Virginia Set" by Blarneyfrom Single

44:33"I'll Never Drink Again" by LQRfrom A Taste of Liqour

46:19"Blood & Timber" by Catalpafrom Blood on Timber on iTunes

49:41"Johnston's Motorcar" by Bourbon & Shamrocksfrom Shock & ARRRR! on iTunes

53:27"Dockside Lullabies" by The BibleCode Sundaysfrom Ghosts of Our Past on iTunes

58:30"Tom Steele" by Sean McCabe & Cady Finlaysonfrom Take Two on iTunes

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