Official music videos from Celtic bands and a tribute to Shane MacGowan of The Pogues on Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #638.

Hanneke Cassel, Celtic Woman, Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening, The Gothard Sisters, The McDades, Ashley Davis, Kinnfolk, Marc Gunn, Runa, One Street Over, Mànran, The Celtic Kitchen Party, Ewen McIntosh, Ella Roberts, Derina Harvey Band, The Irish Rovers, The Pogues


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0:02 - Intro: Damsels of Dorkington

0:12 - Hanneke Cassel "Evacuation Day" from Infinite Brightness

3:44 - WELCOME

6:11 - Celtic Woman "I Know My Love" from 20th Anniversary DVD

9:36 - Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening “One Night In Moaña" from Cloud Horizons

13:54 - The Gothard Sisters "Meet Me at Dawn" from Dragonfly

17:43 - The McDades "The Oracle & The Knot" from The Empress

23:38 - Ashley Davis (feat. Shane Hennessy) "Silver Lights" from Songs of the Celtic Winter II

27:12 - FEEDBACK

33:19 - Kinnfolk "Byker Hill" from The Knotted Circle

35:10 - Marc Gunn "Keep Them Soaring" from Pirates vs. Dragons

38:20 - Runa "Soul Cake" from The Tide of Winter

42:21 - One Street Over "Old Maui" from Single

46:02 - Mànran "Ailean" from Ùrar

49:54 - THANKS

53:27 - The Celtic Kitchen Party "A Song to End On" from Lobster Tail and Beer

56:06 - Ewen McIntosh "Donald MacGillivray" from Ma's Math Mo Chuimhn

59:36 - Ella Roberts "Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond" from North Wind

1:03:53 - Derina Harvey Band "Waves of Home" from Waves of Home

1:07:57 - The Irish Rovers "Hey Boys Sing Us a Song" from No End in Sight

1:13:22 - CLOSING

1:17:40 - The Pogues "Fairytale of New York (feat. Kirsty MacColl)" from If I Should Fall from Grace With God

1:22:07 - CREDITS

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Patrick Rieger sent pictures from PITTSBURGH: "Hi Marc, Thank you so much for so many years of the podcast, Marc, and the invitation to share pictures of Irish musicians we are enjoying this Summer. I look forward to each episode. My wife and play it in the car and at home.

This is John McCann, on stage at Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle Irish Pub in Pittsburgh, on July 15. John is a regular there, and my family, friends and I always enjoy his shows. John is helping to teach our 11 year old son how to properly clap along to what our late friend, Terry Griffith, described, in jest, as annoying Irish audience participation songs. Our son doesn't have the timing down yet but he is getting better. His favorite is Whiskey in the Jar.

Casey Deely joined John on stage for a couple of songs that night.

There are plenty more shows to go to before Summer ends, so if you want more photos just let me know. And if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, my wife and I will gladly introduce you to our favorite irish pub."

Sophie Wildman - Gurung emailed: "Dear Marc, I thought I'd write as I've been listening to your podcast this afternoon as I tie up the first plants in my new garden in Somerset (UK) in holes kindly dug by my magical friend Bangles (Woodland Folk). It was Bangles who first introduced me to your podcast shortly after we first met last November. We met when I was then living in Wells and he was busking 'Troika' by Sergei Prokofiev which was the peice of music I had been looking for, to fit in with 'I believe in Father Christmas' by Greg Lake, that I had been working on. Since then we have been jamming together regularly (mainly folk), often at his spot in the woods, sometimes around the folk nights nearby, with him on his fiddle and me on folk harp (22 strings) and singing.

You recently played a recording he'd sent in of some crows so I thought I'd send in one he did of me playing a verse from 'Longlife and Sucess to the Farmer' (quite appropriate for this time of year and my afternoons activities although as an advocate of 'no - dig gardening' I'm not a fan of ploughs,) accompanied by probably the same crows  -  warning us if there are walkers nearby. Maybe with a bit more practise we'll get 'I believed in Father Christmas' together to send you, fingers crossed in time for Christmas!

Really enjoying your podcasts, thank you. I've been a fan of Celtic music as long as I can remember. My family is originally from Cornwall which may have something to do with it and obviously lots of music for lever harp (which I've been playing since I was 10) is Celtic. So long may the podcast continue, play on!

Kind regards"

Woodland Folk sent some pictures and wrote: "Heard bout Ur scifirish on band camp.... inspired... One of the first videos I saw online when I had a skylark(not a violin or fiddle but I respect it greatly for teaching me the tentative mechanics),an Irish man with a fiddle on his knee, looking into the camera said "it's love".... Wisdom many could learn from..."

woodland folk sent another photo: "I feel I have been out of the loop, looking forward to making up for this by listening back to a few old faithful episodes (man of the house/2 hour fiddle episode and all...) and a few new ones on a 9 hour coach trip to moffat in Scotland,to see my son who is now a strapping, baritone 17 yrs.....

Time is an odd thing....

I tentatively tryed a little Fahey in wells yesterday, though simple with few a way the simplest tunes are the hardest to play,Irish washerwoman or silver spear are deceptive and pretty......

I find Music the grandest analogy for life..."