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  • Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
  • Thanks to Cool Cyber for information and DuckyWorld Catnip.
  • Pet Photography in Austin
  • Vote for Cats in the Austin Music Poll
  • "How old is your cat really?"
  • Email about Softpaws. I got the following email from Les Howard of The Signal Firefly Podcast regarding SoftPaws from my last podcast: "I have been using softpaws with my cats for around 6 years now. At first, the cat's didn't like them at all and were tearing them off quickly. This required me to check them frequently and replace any missing ones. However, after a few weeks the cats adjusted to them and now they don't seem to mind at all."
  • Cat Pint Glasses have arrived.
  • I want to offer Special Thanks to these Kind Supporters: Reida Riley, Melissa Konigsdorfer
  • Music: The Cat Came Back... The Cat's Perspective

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