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Brought to you by the Brobdingnagian Bards tour of Ireland where we will go to… Explore Bantry Bay, Bantry Gardens with seven acres of terraced splendour and gothic sculptures and Bantry House's French Armarda center that re-enacts the attempted invasion by Theobald Wolfetone.

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This Week:

“Inion Ni Mhicheal” Athas from Athas

“For My Grandfathers” Terry Griffith from For My Grandfathers

“Come with Me Molly” Kevin Collins from The Collection

“The Streams of Bunclody” Sweet Amaryllis from Blossoming

“Joy's Jig” Scott Boswell from Jug of Punch

“I'm not Drunk” Kenny Klein from Meet Me In The Shade of the Maple Tree

“Red Haired Boy/Drowsy Maggie” Keltish from Keltish

“The Humours of Whiskey” “Captain Black Jack” Murphy from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse from Renaissance Festival Podcast Compilation

“Some Say the Devil Is Dead Live” Canny Brothers Band from Canny Brothers Band

“Doherty's (reel)/Fire Dance (klezmer)/White Petticoat (jig)” FIMM from Rose in the Heather

“Paddy's Lament/Sporting Paddy” Allison Barber from Traveling Home

“Wild Maggie” Jacie McConnell from Jacie McConnell Demo

“Leis a Lurrighan” Ceili Moss from On the Shore

“The Night Paddy Murphy Died” Fiddler's Green from Drive Me Mad

Next time music we'll have music from Jed Marum's CD Lonestar Stout. Find out more at Support the artists and buy their CDs.

THE CELTIC TOP FIVE 5. “Paddy, Jenny, And The Boys” by Jamie Laval And Ashley Broder 4. “Spancil Hill” by Jed Marum 3. “Danny in the Jar” by Emerald Rose 2. “Jenny's Story” by The Merry Wives of Windsor

“Chi Mi Na Morbheanna” MacTalla Mor from The New Colossus