Earth Month may be coming to end, but the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast continues to celebrate our glorious planet with great Celtic music.

Stephanie Claussen, Beer Belly, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Tim Hill, Trinity River Whalers, The Sorries, Wicked Tinkers, George Papavgeris, The Bookends, Homeland, The High Kings, The Jackdaws, Jiggy, Alizbar & Ann' Sannat

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0:09 - Stephanie Claussen "Loch Ruthven / The Feet Washing" from The Road Home from Skye: Scottish and Irish Tunes

2:47 - WELCOME

5:37 - Beer Belly "The Dublin Reel" from Paddy's Boots

6:30 - Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh "Cois Abhann na Séad" from Ar Uair Bhig An Lae  -  The Small Hours

11:40 - Tim Hill "Bonnie Anne/The West Wind/The Longford Tinker" from Ceol ag an nGeata: Music at the Gate

15:18 - Trinity River Whalers "Jack Of All Trades" from Dancin' Beggarman

17:45 - FEEDBACK

19:16 - The Sorries "The Four Maries" from Bends of the Bow

22:57 - Wicked Tinkers "Jam with Men of Worth (Live)" from Banger for Breakfast

27:23 - George Papavgeris "Anytown" from For My Next Trick

32:59 - The Bookends "The Salt Mine" from Chapter One

38:40 - THANKS

40:07 - HOMELAND "Lay" from We Never Got This Far Alone

44:47 - The High Kings "Marie's Wedding" from Decade: Best Of The High Kings

48:29 - The Jackdaws "Waves" from Colors

52:14 - Jiggy "Who Put the Blood" from Hypernova

57:08 - CLOSING

58:22 - Alizbar & Ann' Sannat "Siul A Run" from Welcome Into The Morning

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Dawn Sayne Wilke posted on Facebook: "Excellent podcast, as always" for show #554.

I asked a question about song requests on Facebook. The band Beltaine replied: "We love song requests because it is the songs that people love and have a special place in their hearts if we know it, we will play it....if not we will fake it to do our best for our fans that we want to make them happy!

Finally I asked a question on Facebook: What does Celtic culture make you think of?

Wolf Lüerßen responded: "Whisky and great music 🎶 Languages that sound magical even though I don't understand them, and brilliant literature. Did I say Whisky..."

Andrei Dashko replied: "Music that you fall in love with right away. Dance with tied hands. Beautiful songs with female voices. Redheads."