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Jocelyn Pettit, The Lilies of the Midwest, Kate Rusby, Jolly's, McKasson & McDonald, Erin Ruth, Voice of Lir, Captain John Stout, Banshee in the Kitchen, The Haar, The Bordercollies, Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia, The Dreadnoughts, Willos' & Massimo Giuntini


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0:09 - Jocelyn Pettit "Transatlantic Jigs" from Wind Rose

3:39 - WELCOME

5:34 - The Lilies of the Midwest "Three Deer and a Hare  -  Pangur Ban" from Flora

8:03 - Kate Rusby "The Goodman" from Underneath The Stars

12:32 - The Jolly's "Holiday reel" from True Irish Spirit

15:40 - McKasson & McDonald "Fair Annie" from Harbour

20:25 - FEEDBACK

23:16 - Erin Ruth "Lakes of Pontchartrain" from Erin Ruth

28:05 - Voice of Lir "Galway Reel  -  Eel in the Sink" from Aislingeach

31:15 - Captain John Stout "Step It Out Mary" from Love Abides

34:26 - Banshee in the Kitchen "Planxty Catharsis" from Band O' Shees

40:23 - THANKS

41:52 - The Haar "Wild Rover" from Where Old Ghosts Meet

46:21 - The Bordercollies "For All That" from Sticks and Stones

49:27 - Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia "Hayward's Hound" from North of the Wall

51:35 - The Dreadnoughts "Roll and Go" from Roll and Go

55:09 - CLOSING

57:30 - Willos' & Massimo Giuntini "Over the Hills and Far Away" from From Now On

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Donald Rice of Poitin Band sent a couple thank yous: "Marc, Thanks so much for including our reel set on the upcoming show. Boatsmen starts with me playing clawhammer style banjo which takes a while to learn. Anyway, we appreciate being included on your wonderful podcast.  I listened today from Sicily where my wife and I are visiting some friends and their lovely cat, Thai. Slain"

He also wrote: "Marc, Thanks for including the photo of Poitin Band and our Irish polka set on the Courting Tales episode of the podcast. That picture was taken last year at the Old Crossing Treaty Park in northern Minnesota where we played at the Chautauqua and French - Canadian/Metis Festival. It's a great multi - cultural festival and we are booked again for this annual event in late August 2022. We are so proud to be part of your great podcast."

Shel O'Toole emailed: "Hi Marc, I shared a link to your podcast page with the whole network of Irish muso’s in the greater Ballarat region of Victoria,  Australia.  I’m not sure how many members there are but definitely more than a few.  Hopefully you’ll be getting more input from Australia soon.

I’m a bit jealous you are in Scotland.  One of my grandmothers hails from Ayr.  I hope to get there one day and explore that fine country.  Meanwhile I’m loving the music from both Scotland and Ireland."

Woodland Folk emailed some flower and foot photos. You can see what I’m talking about when you visit the shownotes.

I also posted a photo from a run that I took on my most recent Celtic Invasion of Scotland. We ran around the Estate we were staying in. They had cleared the trees up there. So this is not the most dramatic of pictures. But it was a fun run.